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Mission Meadows Staff

Email and phone extensions

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Our school office phone number is (760) 630-7884 

  Last Name First   Title Ext Email address
  Aguilar Maria SDC Speech Aide  47009
  Akman Michelle Kindergarten      47203
  Barker Amber 4/5 combo  47125
  Binkinz Nikki 3rd grade  47102
  Bockhorst Cristi 3rd grade  47128
  Brown Michele Office Manager  47002
  Castillo Marina SH/PH
  Cockroft Evie Kindergarten         47202
  Domler Twyhla Cafeteria  92447
  Edgar Cardie Library tech.  47107
  Edmonson Jill Speech  47011
  Faulkner Shelley 2nd grade  47113
  Garcia Cruz Plant Lead  47007
  Garcia Monica AM/PM  92347
  Goff-Jones Judy IA-CH/LH  47112
  Groschup   Cathy SH/PH
  Gunther Daisy SH/PH
  Hamilton Elizabeth IA-B/I
  Hogan Tara RSP  47112
  Holandez Cecilia Cafeteria
  Huberts Diane 1st grade  47105
  Hutchison Colleen 3rd grade  47122
  Lewis Dede 1st grade  47110
  Livingston Carrie 3-5 SDC  47105
  Lord Elena 1st grade          47103
  Mackey Lisa Nurse  47005
  Majewski Hilda Counselor  47054
  Martinez Stephanie 4th grade  47121
  McClelland Diane Kindergarten  47102
  Mersy Julie AM/PM  92347
  Meneses Anna SDC K-2  47104
  Metzner Sheryl Art  47131
  Michel Christina School Secretary  47004
  Miller Jennifer Transitional K  47108
  Nunez Dora AM/PM  92347
  Pira Stephanie 2nd grade          47115
  Porter Bill Principal  47001
  Racine Cynthia SH/PH
  Ramirez Luisa Cafeteria asst  92447
  Rath Linda Psychologist  47013
  Roberts Ursula RSP  47131
  Robinson John 3rd grade       47118
  Rodriguez Olivia IBI  47123
  Rosas Lorena Health/Att. Tech  47003
  Saldana  Charlene SH/PH
  Santos Ed 5th grade  47126
  Sass Erin RSP  47112
  Silva Lorena Custodian
  Siulua Valerie Kindergarten  47201
  Smith Jennifer SDC Speech  47009
  Sopfe Krista 2nd grade  47116
  Sutton Charlotte 4th grade        47120
 Valenzuela Saundra IBI SCD  47104
 Ventimiglia Carrie 2nd grade  47114
  Wall Kaylie OT  47125
  West Christy Nurse  47006
  Williams Marla 5th grade  47127
  Zolezzi Sarah IA-B/I